Feb 2023 board meeting minutes

Feb. 28, 2023 by Gary "Story Hawk" Henry

**To: ** Todd Chandler, president; Megan Moriarty, vice president; Jordan Shrack, secretary (incoming); Josh McVey, treasurer; Mike Miley, social media director

**From: ** Gary Henry, secretary (outgoing)

Subject: Minutes of Feb. 25, 2023 All Hands meeting

1. Meeting called to order

Lawrence Trail Hawks members held their annual All-Hands Meeting between 6 and 9 pm Feb. 25 at the Union Pacific Depot/Visitor Center in North Lawrence. Twenty members attended, including:

Jay “Cherry-Stem Hawk” Hawks

Kimberly “Eclectic Hawk” Hawks

Megan “Ad Hawk” Moriarty

Jordan “Oops Hawk” Shrack

Steve “Gorilla Hawk” Crutchfield

Eric “Yet to be named Hawk” Deeter

Mary Ann “Squeaky Hawk” Frevert

Todd “BAR Hawk” Chandler

Mike “Smoky Hills Hawk” Miley

Billy “Crazy Squirrel Hawk” Weaver

Michele “Wild Country Hawk” Weaver

Josh “Freestate Hawk” McVey

Trudy “Stubborn Hawk” Chavez

Cara “Color Hawks” Combs

Jeff “Travel Hawk” Beecher

Megan “Stage Hawk” Misenhelter

Caroline “Cobol Hawk” Wroczynski

Justin “Chem Hawk” Douglas

Hollie “Joy Hawk” Davis

Gary “Story Hawk” Henry

2. Opening Remarks

Todd opened the meeting by noting 2022’s accomplishments, including eight successful races, 796 runners and 105 dues-paying members. He attributed these successes to club leadership and teamwork, and not any one person. New for 2023, the club will no longer have a membership director, as Runsignup.com which the club signed up with late last year, will cover most of the membership director functions. Todd noted that Caroline has covered that position since it was created shortly after the club’s founding in 2009, and the meeting gave her an ovation. Also getting an ovation, in absentia, was Ami “Misfit Hawk” Hyten, who has stood down as RD for the HAWK Hundred, 50 and 26.2-Mile Trail Races. Last year’s co-RDs Jordan and Cara have stepped up to direct the 2023 event. Todd also thanked Gary Henry for serving as club secretary and SNAKE RD in 2022 at Todd’s request.

3. Races and Events

Frozen Fat Ass – Caroline reported 33 runners turned out for the free event which took place Jan. 7.

Cactus Roulette – In its second year, Co-RDs Todd Chandler and Megan Moriarty summed up Cactus Roulette as “Cold but fun.” The event attracted 92 runners across its four timed races, and made a profit. The 24-hour race featured its first-ever 100-mile (plus) finisher. The 2024 Cactus Roulette is set for Jan. 27-28.

Pi Day – RD Caroline Wroczynski reported that preparation is going smoothly for Pi Day, to be held March 11. Swag is coming along, including a patch that will go on ball caps. She said the race needs volunteers. So far, 109 runners have signed up for the various Pi-Day distances, and permission has been granted to use the new parking area on Oak Street.

Skyline Shuffle – RD Hollie Davis reports nine entrants signed up so far for the May 7 Skyline Shuffle 5K. She is aiming for 50. There’s also one dog signed up in the new canine division. The $5 entry fee for dogs will benefit the Lawrence Humane Society. Hollie said she’ll ramp up race promotion in March.

Night Hawk – RD Mary Ann Frevert reports that 21 runners have signed up for the 2023 event. Todd commented that last year’s Night Hawk was the club’s biggest moneymaker.

The SNAKE – RD Eric Deeter, who is taking the race over from Gary, reports that The SNAKE, set for July 22, has its registration in order, and has gotten its first entrant. An entry fee price-increase takes effect March 15. Swag includes a black, beer can-shaped stainless steel tumbler. Eric has reached out to the group Native Women Running and offered two complimentary entries.

Birthday Run – Todd reported that the annual run celebrating the club’s founding and the birthdays of its members is set for Aug. 19 at Shelter 2 in Overlook Park, near the Corps of Engineers North Shore Trails trailhead. Gary noted that the event is also a benefit for the Kansas Trails Council, which uses the money specifically to maintain the North Shore Trails.

The HAWK – Co-RDs Jordan Shrack and Cara Combs reported that 15 runners have signed up so far for The HAWK’s three distances. They added that they are using a series of spreadsheets to stay on top of the event’s countless details. The HAWK is set for Sept. 9-10.

Shoreline Shuffle – No report available.

Prowl, Howl and Growl – The Trail Hawks’ annual Halloween run and party is tentatively set for Friday, Oct. 13. Several people commented that last year’s event was great fun.

Sanders’ Saunter – Todd reported The Ballard Center, runner-up in last year’s voting, is this year’s beneficiary for the annual charity race, set for Nov. 4. Todd and Jordan are getting a guest tour of the Center, March 3. Contact them if you would like to be included in the tour.

Golden Hawk – Event director Steve Crutchfield reported that all 10 Golden Hawk entrants are still in the running with just two races, Pi Day and Skyline Shuffle left to go. The endurance challenge will conclude May 7 with a ceremony following the Skyline Shuffle. Entrants who have completed all races on the Trail Hawks calendar for the year will be recognized. Swag includes custom mugs from Matty’s Mugs and customized finishers shirts. The next Golden Hawk Endurance Challenge kicks off April 21, again beginning with the Night Hawk and concluding with the Skyline Shuffle.

Disc N’ Dash – Gary briefed the meeting on this joint event with The Friends of Clinton State Park. Disc N’ Dash Features two-person teams of a trail runner and a disc golfer.The runner completes a 10K trail course, while the golfer does an 18-hole course. The team that brings in the fastest 10K time combined with the lowest disc golf score wins. Josh, who participates in both communities, was a chief architect of the event. Disc N’ Dash is a fundraiser for the state park, and will be held Sept. 30, starting at Mowry Meadows. Entry is $20 per team-member and will be available soon on ultrasignup.com. You can sign up individually and be paired with a disc golfer at the event if possible, or sign up with someone you know in advance.

4. RD Recognition

In recognition of the heavy volunteer workload carried by the club’s race directors, the Trail Hawks awarded $100 vouchers, in the form of wooden “nickels,” to the 2023 race directors. The vouchers can be used toward entry in races of choice with the expectation that the users will gain useful information to benefit their own races.

5. Merchandise Pop-Up “Tent”

In cooperation with local vendor Pride of Gumbo this past Fall, Mary Ann oversaw a venture aimed solely at getting Trail Hawks-branded apparel onto members. During a three-week period, club members could order shirts, hoodies, ball caps and mid-caps (aka “beanies”) directly from the merchant, with no money going to the Trail Hawks. Many Hawks attending the meeting wore the gear. Mary Ann reported 29 total orders. She plans to have the Merch Pop-Up “Tent” open twice a year in Spring and Fall. Next opportunity to order gear will be early May. Contact Mary Ann if you have ideas for other types of apparel. Todd noted that wearing Trail Hawks gear at other races benefits the club.

6. Group Runs

Monday night “Beginner Run” leader Justin Douglas reports that attendance has been low. He attributes that to unpleasant winter weather, and expects it to pick up in Spring. It was also suggested that Facebook posts about the run stress the beginner-friendly aspects of the run such as “no runner left behind.”

Thursday night “Gal Gallop” – Cara reported attendance between three and six at the weekly women-only run. Like Justin, she expects attendance to pick up with warmer weather. Cara said she is considering leading some themed Saturday runs, perhaps once a month.

7. Equipment

Todd commented that the storage unit organization is in the best shape ever, largely due to the efforts of Quartermaster Hollie Davis. He noted that space is being taken up by some broken tents and tables and questioned whether they should be kept for salvage, spare parts or trashed. There is also a bulky medal-holder which has not seen much use, stored in the back of the unit, which could be discarded to free up some space. Flags and signs stored in the back are fairly well organized, but could use some work to weed out the broken and unusable items. Todd floated the idea of a “sign party,” and suggested beer could be involved.

8. Treasurer’s Report

Josh asked the Trail Hawks to recognize Jeff “Beatnick Hawk” Triplett in absentia for serving as tech director almost since the club’s founding. In addition to maintaining Trailhawks.com, Jeff also pays the annual fee for the domain, and has refused multiple offers for reimbursement. However, Josh does much of the day-to-day on the website, referring only the thorniest problems to Jeff. Josh reported the current balance at the credit union at $37,634.31. He said despite the ongoing ups and downs of the club’s income and expenses, the club finances continue to be okay. Race directors should expect to see a 9.3 percent sales tax added to entry fees, except for Sanders Saunter and Shoreline Shuffle which are charitable events. Jeff noted that Venmo has worked out well for rapid reimbursement of RD expenses.

9. Election

Since Todd was part of the slate of officers up for election, he asked outgoing secretary Gary Henry to oversee the election. Gary named the candidates individually – Todd Chandler for president; Megan Moriarty for vice president; Josh McVey for treasurer; and Jordan Shrack for secretary – and requested a show of hands in favor of electing for each. The candidates were chosen unanimously.

Gary then administered the oath of office, and the membership sealed the deal with a resounding shout of “Imperious Rex.”

10. Meeting adjourned

With all issues addressed, the meeting was adjourned.


Gary Henry

Secretary (outgoing)

Trail Hawks Ridgeline aid station at Heartland100, 2018

Hawk 50 finish