Kansas Trails Council

The North Shore Trails at Clinton Lake in Lawrence are where the Trail Hawks run most. These beautiful trails are maintained solely by volunteers, and the Kansas Trails Council heads up the effort. they have an official mandate to do so from the Kansas Department of Parks and Wildlife. Lawrence Trail Hawks are proud to number themselves among the volunteers and members of the KTC.

Kansas Ultrarunners Society

The Kansas Ultrarunners Society sponsors the Rockin' K Trail Runs - 50-mile and Marathon, the first Saturday in April; and the Heartland 100, second weekend in October. Yes, it's Kansas, but these races run in two of the only hilly places in the state: The Flint Hills for Heartland, and the Smokey Hills for Rockin' K. Don't let the high finisher rates and incredibly nice people fool you -- both provide as grueling a course and brutal a race as you'll find anywhere outside the mountain states. The hills might make you think "We're not in Kansas anymore," but you are.

Lawrence Mountain Bike Club

We run on the Kansas River Trails almost as much as we run the North Shore trails at Clinton Lake. The Lawrence Mountain bike Club is the official manager of these trails by authority of the City of Lawrence. And they do a dern good job of keeping those trails up! That's why the Lawrence Trail Hawks try to get out to help the LMBC maintain the river trails with lopping, trail repair and creation whenever we can.

MARA (Mid-America Running Association)

Races, records, results -- you'll find it all here at MARA Running. The MARA site features the Midwest's most comprehensive listing of races anywhere. Bookmark and visit often!

Mile 90



Info Central for the Lawrence running community, with a great news update column on the homepage. Check out the RunLawrence Events Calendar for the nearest race that's right for you. Be careful of the Pace Calculator though -- you could spend the whole morning playing with that cool little feature!

Stan Jensen's Run 100-milers Site

Stan Jensen's Run 100-milers Site is the definitive web resource on hundred milers. It features countless race reports from hundred-mile runners going back more than a decade. Don't try to run a hundred without visiting Stan's site and reading the reports of all those who've run the race before you. Includes schedules, links to clubs and race websites, where to find running camps and coaching and TONS more. Highly recommended.

From the Heartland 100 in Kansas to the Gold Coast 100 in Australia, is your up-to-date gateway to the ultras of the world. Has great training advice, including how to prepare for Badwater. And speaking of bad water, did you know that the site for the 50K Dead Sea Ultramarathon in Jordan is the 10th most visited of all ultramarathon websites (Leadville is #2)? You'll learn lots of other cool stuff there too -- like the world's wettest ultra -- the 125-mile Jungle Ultramarathon in Brazil. Start at and who knows where you might end up running.

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