Birthday Ass

Lawrence Trail Hawks BIRTHDAY FAT ASS!! June 14!! Trail Hawks are 5 years old!

All dues paying Trail Hawks and their invited guests who have a birthday in 2014 are invited! Feb. 29 Leap Year babies considered on a case-by-case basis -- oh hell, you're invited too!! 4.75 mile marked course (Lake Henry little loop) will be open 7 am to 5 pm, Saturday, June 14. Aid Station with water, sports drink, and snacks at the trail head. Run as many laps as you like on the trails where the Hawks were hatched in 2009. Bring a treat to share if you like (not required) but be prepared to sign the Trail Hawks Birthday Book of Honor. Would love to have a dollar or two donation for the State Park, also not required. What is required -- run, laugh, eat, drink repeat with fellow Hawk babies until you've had enough. Beer is allowed!! Happy Birthday Trail Hawks!! See you June 14!! Woohoo! Krrraaauuugghh!

-- Gary

Race date:
June 14, 2014
Start time:
07:00 AM
Race distance:

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Trail Hawks Ridgeline aid station at Heartland100, 2018

Coleen's Sweaty Ass Night Run, July 2011, Prairie Center, Olathe.

Trail Hawks Ridgeline aid station at Heartland100, 2018