1/2 Ass 1/2 Birthday Run

Why? Because we love fatass running and we love food and we love each other (most of the time). This is a laid back event but also provides a great opportunity for some serious training. The run starts at 2:30pm on Saturday afternoon and runs through 12:30pm on Sunday afternoon. You are welcome to come run some on Saturday, leave, and come back and run some more on Sunday. Or, if you choose, you can run the whole time or just through the night. For anyone needing some mental toughness training, this is a great opportunity as running trails in the dark can be challenging. You can also just come hang out in the cabin for a bit and take part in some Hawk naming ceremonies and some good eats.

We are half ass rece directors and we will half ass mark the course. However, your safety is important to us so we will make sure you know the course or we will provide some run leaders for a loop or two. We will have a waiver for you to sign and a method to track your loops so we know who’s out on the course. The course will begin with a loop from Land’s End on blue to swim beach and back on white (5ish mile loop). At 12:30am the course will change and run from Land’s End on blue to Lake Henry and back on white (5ish mile loop). There are plenty of opportunities to loop back for a shorter distance should you so desire. This will, of course, depend a lot on weather and trail conditions. An alternate course will be decided should the trails be too muddy to run. We are hoping for snow and cool temps, unlike the real birthday run in August. BTW, your RD’s for this event are #teamwinter members.

We will be providing some snacks and beverages, but you are encouraged to bring something yummy to share as well (not required). We will be collecting money for donation to KTC (Kansas Trail Council). We are also planning a friendly little food competition. Details will be provided shortly. In fact, we will be posting updates over the next few weeks leading up to the inaugural event. So stay tuned and feel free to ask questions of Megan or myself.

Race date:
February 16, 2019
Start time:
12:00 PM
Race distance:

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