Pi Day River Rotation - Half Marathon and 5K

A race for nerds and pie lovers alike!

If you're a nerd, this is the race for you! It's also the race for you if you're not a nerd, but like running and pie.

Trail run on a smooth, fast course with a few hills sprinkled in for fun.

For Pi Milers, this is a one loop course.

For Half Marathoners, this is a three-loop course, alternating between counter clockwise and clockwise directions. There will be a single aid station located at the trail head. Runners will pass the aid station twice, at 5-mile intervals. Water, sports drink and fruit will be available at the aid station.

After the race, enjoy some homemade pie at the finish line!

Race date:
March 10, 2013
Start time:
08:00 AM
Race distance:
13.5 / 3.14
Cut off time:
4 hours

Event Information


Top 3 overall male/female receive commemorative yet functional awards!

Race Director

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's Pi Day?

Pi Day is a holiday held to celebrate the mathematical constant π, 3.1415... It is held on March 14th (3/14). Get it? π (sometimes written pi) is a mathematical constant whose value is the ratio of any circle's circumference to its diameter in Euclidean space. source

Why is the name of your race so long??

For enhancing the nerdiness of the race. The abbreviation of the title is πR², the area of a circle. Alliteration is fun. River Rotation.

Why isn't the race 3.1415... miles?

Because I wanted it to be longer darnit! More fun. :)